I appreciate when things offer delight, insight or craftsmanship beyond a pretty surface.

Communication Design + Illustration

I search “visual answers” and I like to thoroughly understand a project and its purpose or intention first. This framework helps me to make suitable design-decisions. If this is nor entirely clear to a client, I offer support and guidance. After all, it’s easier to find something when we know what we are looking for.

Logo Design + Visual Identity

To me, a visual identity succeeds in communicating the most positive ambitions of an enterprise or individual in an authentic and engaging way.
It’s a process, and together with the client we find out what makes the story special, why and how exactly it is good. My job then is to translate this information into a “visual language” usable for communicating on- and offline.

Object Design + Art

Good planets are hard to find, so in my own design processes I want to explore ways towards more sustainable outcomes. This may happen by working with natural or used materials, refurbishing parts or by paying attention on the construction of things, so they can easily be taken apart or repaired.

Send me an email if you’re interested in working together; I’m open to local and remote work.

Have a splendid day!