Atelier Windschatten

Atelier Windschatten

I once nicked a double faced sticky tape from my grandfather. On the peel-off strip it somewhat teasingly said: »Only quality has a future«… That made me skeptically curious and sure enough, I never got it off again.

Should I have used screws? Absolutely.

I want value that goes beyond beauty. I want design to be daring and able to convey information or emotions. I want it to be based on good craftsmanship and that it serves my clients well.

Logo Design + Visual Identity

I have specialised in the development of visual identities that succeed in communicating the most positive ambitions of an enterprise or individual in an authentic and engaging way. If those directions are not entirely clear to a client, I offer support and guidance to discover what makes the story special, why and how exactly it is good. My job then is to translate this information into the “visual language” of typography, colours, layouts and images, usable for communicating on- and offline.

Visual Content + Illustration

This projects are often “visual answers” that support other content (single images, collages, surface patterns, etc.) or have to carry the message entirely (info-graphics). I therefor like to thoroughly understand its purpose or intention first in order to make good decisions and choose the right style, materials and creative techniques.

Webdesign + Hompages

I believe that, especially for freelancers and small businesses, presenting the most important information in an interesting way is better that having a large websites and tons of content.
Together with the creation of a visual identity I offer small to medium Homepages (created with the open source CMS WordPress). It is my goal that, after an introduction and practical workshop, that the client is independent and able to make changes to the website without my help.

Object Design + Art

Good planets are hard to find, so in my own design processes I explore ways towards more sustainable outcomes. This may happen by working with natural or used materials, refurbishing parts or by paying attention on the construction of things, so they can easily be taken apart or repaired.

Send me an email if you’re interested in working together; I’m open to local and remote work.

Have a splendid day!