Dans l’ombre du vent , 
où les idées deviennent
des créations tangibles.


Meaning slipstream, windschatten is a german word, that, literally means “shadow of the wind”. however, it’s a word I like a lot and after giving it some thought, it became the name of my atelier / graphic design studio. If I would open a cafe/bar (oh I will – for the sake of my hometown, hahaha) it would probably be named just the same.


So windschatten is an atelier, a space dedicated to turning ideas into tangible creations. A multi-disciplinary, multi-material art and graphic design laboratory… Co-workers and fellow artists are welcome to share this place as a temporary space to create.

about myself

I am an artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Capbreton, France, somewhere in the wavy realm of the country’s south-west.
I graduated in “Information Design” at the University of Applied Sciences Fh Joanneum in Graz, Austria, and one day, sure, everybody will know what that means. I followed the usability design mayor offered at my university and made some good job experiences in this area afterwards. it might have ruined me as an artist, but as a designer, I gained astonishing insights from listening to those people who are at the receiving end of a product or service. Then, I was still very young and hip, I wanted to learn surfing , so I became a freelancer to support this idea. for more than eight years now I create for individuals, associations and small businesses. it’s the best job I can imagine. I can freely choose and mix creative techniques and the way I approach my my work.

That said,

I am currently available for new projects and would love to hear about your adventure or idea! atelier@windschatten.net