l’ombre du vent —
où les idées
deviennent des créations

l’atelier windschatten

Meaning “lee” or “slipstream”, Windschatten is a german word, that, literally means “shadow of the wind” or “l’abri/l’ombre du vent” in french. It’s a word that gives me a cozy-bar-like warm feeling of comfort. 

It is the name I gave to my atelier, a space dedicated to turning ideas into tangible creations. It aims to be a multi-disciplinary, multi-material art and graphic design studio, a nice laboratory of sorts.
Co-workers and fellow artists are welcome to share this place with me as a temporary space to create and bounce ideas. long live co-working…

a little bit about myself

I am an artist and graphic designer based in Capbreton, France, a place blessed with a powerful ocean, a lot of pine trees and summer-tourism. 
I come from Austria where i went to art school, learning my ways with clay, plaster and ceramics. I still take great pleasure in working manually, and i try expanding my skills, using all kind of materials to design and craft.
After graduating in Information Design (University of Applied Sciences Fh Joanneum in Graz, Austria) I moved to London, UK, where I worked as a visual designer for an Usability Design agency. Listening to those people who are at the receiving end of a product or service was an eye-opening experience. I came to understand that really useful design had to be crafted with care and attention.
After a while I felt the urge to travel and wanted to learn surfing so I became a freelancer to support this idea.
For almost 10 years now, I create, draw, imagine, design and find visual answers for individuals, associations and small businesses. 

That said, please feel welcome to contact me if you’d like to visit Windschatten or perhaps are interested in working with me.

Have a splendid day!