working creatively

graphic design, branding, upcycling, furniture design, art

SO MUCH is possible! There is plenty to discover and I try out and learn new techniques and methods whenever I can. Of course I use a computer, but I like to use my hands first to create unique images and styles.

WELL, YOU can be certain, that I’ll use all the creative tools and techniques available to me to create something interesting for you.

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visual content / images

Illustrations, Layout, pattern design, artworks for print and social-media, banner design, aNIMATED gIFS

MOST of the time I treat this as a design-project. Rather than creating “art” I try to find things that work in the given context.

DRAW attention and support your message with useful, unique and beautiful images and exciting layouts.

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branding / identity

logo-design and branding, (HTML-) email-signatures, Web-portfolios (wordpress or jimdo),  business cards, brochure design, Signage and billboard design, car wrap design

FOR ME branding without authenticity sucks and people will be disappointed sooner or later. Sure, a cool logo in fancy colours helps, but I am convinced that finding a special way to represent what the thing/service/enterprise “really” is about is worth every effort.

TOGETHER we find out what makes your project special. My job then is to reflect that smoothly in every aspect of your visual presentation on- and offline.

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reincarnation of “stuff” / object design

fabrics, lamps, furniture, really – All kind of things

MY HEART is crying whenever I see what we as a people are wasting in terms of materials and resources. To Re-design objects allows me to satisfy my desire to design, craft and create and simultaneously help me to reduce my own impact by using less “new” materials and resources.

YOU CAN give new life and purpose to things or materials, that you like but have no use anymore. I will respect its history and put some love and effort into creating something valuable for you.

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If you are interested in working with me, or looking for a free quote, please don’t hesitate and write me some lines: