… working creatively

graphic design, branding, object design, art

SO MUCH is possible!
I try to make use of many different creative techniques and styles. Every project and product, every idea and message has its distinct features and context. My goal is to find interesting visual ways to communicate this, to make it beautiful beyond a pretty surface.
Apart from working digitally, I frequently create with my hands which can lead to unique images and styles.

To me, creating something visually engaging and interesting starts with thoroughly understanding a project and its purpose or a product and the user’s needs. 

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… visual content

Illustrations, pattern design, artworks for print and social-media 

IT’S about finding “visual answers” somewhere between design requirements and artistic freedom. 

Useful info graphics , unique images and exciting layouts draw attention and can support a message, sometimes even carry it entirely. 

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… branding

logo-design and corporate dEsign, email-signatures, Web-portfolios (wordpress or jimdo)

VISUAL IDENTITY that helps an enterprises or an independent to thrive, succeeds in communicating their most positive ambitions in an authentic way.
It’s about designing something special that conveys values, explains advantages and has to offer something interesting for the target audience. 

Together with the client we find out what makes the story special, why and how exactly it is good. My job then is to translate this information into a “visual language” used for communication on- and offline.

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… object design

Coat hooks, drying laundry solutions, clothes, lamps, furniture — really, All kind of things

FRANKLY, I am shocked by how much we — as a people — are wasting in terms of materials and resources. Sadly, throwing stuff away, became a necessary part of modern consumerism.
I feel dedicated to find and incorporate alternative in my own design processes. This may happen by working with used materials, reusing stuff that is already available, creating things that can easily be taken apart or repaired, using natural materials where possible, etc.
I am inspired by concepts such as Cradle-To-Cradle Design, Design For Disassembly, ReduceReuseRecycle, up-cycling and DIY. 

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