graphic design, branding, object design, art

… working creatively

I appreciate when something offers delight, insight or craftmanship beyond a pretty surface. In my work-processes I tend to make clear distinctions between design and functional requirements on one side and creative freedom and art on the other. This helps me to focus.

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Illustration, Info-graphics, pattern design, artworks for print and social-media 

… visual content

I search “visual answers” and I like to thoroughly understand a project and its purpose or intention first. This framework helps me to make suitable design-decisions. I believe that a well done info graphic, original images or exciting layouts can strongly support a message, or even carry it entirely. 

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logo-design and corporate dEsign, email-signatures, Web-portfolios (wordpress or jimdo)

… branding

To me, a visual identity succeeds in communicating the most positive ambitions of an enterprise or individual in an authentic and engaging way.
It’s a process, and together with the client we find out what makes the story special, why and how exactly it is good. My job then is to translate this information into a “visual language” used for communication on- and offline.

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All kind of things, depending on the problem

… object design

Good planets are hard to find, so in my own design processes I want to explore ways towards more sustainable outcomes. This may happen by working with used materials, reusing stuff that is already available, creating things that can easily be taken apart or repaired, using natural materials where possible, etc.
I draw inspiration from concepts such as Cradle-To-Cradle Design, Design For Disassembly, ReduceReuseRecycle efforts, up-cycling, DIY and many more. 

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