Atelier Windschatten

Atelier Windschatten


I’m Eva, I work as a freelance communication designer and illustrator. I use digital and manual tools and materials in my working process.

Capbreton (France) is where I am based, but I maintain close ties with my hometown Frohnleiten in Austria.
In my studio I turn ideas into visible creations, using different techniques, materials and tools that support these ideas. It is a cozy office but also a creative laboratory of sorts. Thanks to it being embedded in a little community of talented craftspeople and creatives alike, it has a certain offbeat-feeling to it that I appreciate deeply.

You are welcome to visit me here or to arrange a meeting with me.

Have a splendid day!

Atelier Windschatten

1074 Route de Capbreton, 40150 Angresse, France

Photos by Manuela Larissegger

windschatten, hum?

Meaning “lee” or “slipstream”, Windschatten is a german word that literally means “shadow of the wind” or “l’abri/l’ombre du vent” in french. For me, it stands for a place where, away from the ever-changing trends and fashions, one can focus on the essentials: Thoughtful design, user-friendly functionality and fun experimentation.