Atelier Windschatten

Atelier Windschatten


What are you doing exactly?

I work as a communication designer and illustrator. This means I help my clients with everything related to graphic and corporate design in print and online.
Besides, I use my studio for object design, hand lettering and other non-digital projects and techniques.

What are your prizes?

The final prize for a finished design is always depending on the complexity of the situation and the desired outcome as well as the rights of use granted with it. My hourly rate is 60€ and
I offer discounts to for artistic, social and environmental non-profit projects and associations.

For a non-binding offer, just write me an email with a short description of your project.

Do you share your atelier?

Yes, depending of what you need vs. what I can offer. If your work/project is within the scope of the capacities of my atelier, I’d be happy to share resources available to me.

Do you give lessons? Can I learn how to design a project myself?

Absolutely. I charge a fair hourly rate, comparable to tutoring, and you can use my office and studio to work. For more information, please email me with your idea.

Can I / my kid do an internship with you?

No, unfortunately not at this moment. I hope this will change in the future though.